Confession of a Pineapple Seller

Eastjourneymagz.comI photographed the activity of a pineapple seller on the side of the road in Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta. At first he was embarrassed when I took the picture.

“Take as you wish!” he told me and laughed. He seemed to like it and let me take a lot of pictures

We told him about the pineapple he sold. A kilo costs IDR 20,000 and he sells 20 to 30 kilograms a day.

What a lucky trader.

“I paid my son’s school fees, my wife’s house needs and jewelry. I also bought a doll for my granddaughter,” he smiled at me.

“My granddaughter is a cute girl, I love her very much, you will feel the way I feel when I have grandchildren!” he said to me.

He also asked if I was married.

“I’m not married, so my father doesn’t have grandchildren. I’m 29 years old,” I told him.

He said around his place lived many girls who wanted to get married. “Go there, marry with them!” he laughed happily.

“Some of girls have come to me. They ordered pineapple with me, I know they are bad girl,” he said in a confession.

“What is that?” I ask him.

“I sell these pineapples so that they get vitamins, but many of them use pineapple to abort, it’s sad!

I’m speechless.

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