Guava, Red-cheeked on the Street Side

EJE-I like photography and focus for taking pictures of extraordinary things on the streets, especially food. this time, guava fruit became my photographic object. I met fruit traders at “Pasar Baru”, Central Jakarta, a traditional market that was abandoned by the Dutch colonial.

“Guava!” he offered me.

“I didn’t buy guavas, can I take a picture of your wealth?”

“Welcome! I’m very glad you took photos of guava! Are you a photographer?” he asked me.

“No, I’m a cake cook,” he burst out laughing.

A customer came to him and took our joke into a fruit basket.

I also saw avocado sellers around that. I think they work together in trade. They are very compact and serve the customer together.

“Most of our customers are juice sellers and suburban restaurant owners,” the avocado seller said. “We depend on them!” he said.

He showed some avocado to customers and said to me, “Take my picture please!” said told me.

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