97.3 Percent of Tourists Visiting East Nusa Tenggara come from Timor Leste

Eastjourneymagz.comMost tourists who visit East Nusa Tenggara come from Timur Leste. As reported by Bank of Indonesia, Timur Leste tourists visiting East Nusa Tenggara reached 70,568 people or around 97.3 percent total number of foreign visitors.
Meanwhile, European tourists number 725 people, or about 1 percent. Australian tourists numbered 218 people or 0.3 percent and Philippines 145 people or 0.2 percent.
Assistant Director of Bank Indonesia Representative Office of East Nusa Tenggara Province, Rut W. Eka Trisilowati says that the existing government program is expected to boost tourists coming to East Nusa Tenggara. Currently, the Indonesian government is encouraging East Nusa Tenggara tourism as premium tourism such as Labuan Bajo.
“Some government programs are expected to increase the number of tourists. Moreover, Labuan Bajo is now one of the super-priority destinations,” he said.
Is known, in general, tourists visiting Indonesia continue to increase every year. Indonesian Central Statistics Agency revealed that the number of foreign tourists visiting in 2009 was 6.32 million people. That number continued to increase to 8.8 million at the end of 2013.
in 2018, the number of tourist arrivals to Indonesia reached 15.81 million people which grew about 2.5 times compared to 2009. In 2019 the Government is targeting 18 million tourists who visit
tourists to Indonesia.

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