Governor Jakarta Anies Baswedan locked down Jakarta Again

Eastjourneymagz.comGovernor Jakarta Anies Baswedan locked down Jakarta again because of COVID-19. Previously, Anies had isolated Jakarta until last May.

Anies said Jakarta was suddenly isolated because the number of residents affected by coronavirus continued to increase. “I had to break suddenly because Covid 19 is very dangerous in Jakarta,” he said last Sunday.

COVID-19 patients which continue to increase every day make the hospital unable to accommodate corona patients anymore. In addition, the hospital bed was almost full.

“Graves for Covid 19 patients have also begun to fill up in Pondok Rangon,” said Anies.

So far in Jakarta, there have been 1,347 people who have died due to Covid-19 with a death rate of 2.7 percent. Meanwhile, there are 11,245 active cases of Covid-19 in Jakarta.

Anies explained that many COVID-19 patients are still undergoing treatment and isolation. The high number of COVID-19 spread in Jakarta impacts the increasing number of Covid-19 patients admitted to hospitals.

“DKI Jakarta has 190 hospitals and 67 of them are used as COVID-19 referral hospitals,” he explained.

He added that even patients who fill the bed are full, and the usage rate has reached 77 percent.

“At the moment all the beds are almost full. Jakarta currently has 4,053 beds in isolation rooms and 528 beds in ICU. “The use of beds reached 77 percent,” he said.

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