Fight For Your Most Beautiful Pictures on Padar Island

Eastjourneymagz.comPadar Island is one of the islands in the Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. This island is unique for photo lovers.

Many travelers don’t want to miss taking pictures on Padar Island, especially on the peak of Padar. Beautiful natural scenery set against the ocean ensures that you really are standing on an island.

You will be decorated by reeds that grow along the hill. Usually, these weeds are brown when they are dry or green when the rainy season arrives.

In addition, the beauty of the white sand along the beach that surrounds the island will appear on your camera.

It’s just that you need to struggle to climb towards the Padar hills. It takes enough energy to start when you get off the boat.

You need a hiking shoe to get through this terrain like rocks, hard ground, and the slope of a hill. This is a journey and
will pay off with the beauty of this place when you arrive.

What you get there is a beauty of yourself that blends with nature where you seem to only stand on a small island.

Maybe this is somewhat different from the term no man is an island. The island is only alone but you are not. There are many people around you. They are also waiting in line, so after the fun photo, they also think about the other guests.

You can also feel how you yourself become an island.

How to get to Padar Island

There are several ways to the island of Padar. First, you can go through Labuan Bajo where the tourists start their trip in Komodo National Park.

In addition, there is also a long trip with a route that starts from Lombok or Bali. The thing to do is look for a travel agent who serves tours to Komodo Island.

You will go by ship to Padar. After getting off the boat your trip isn’t finished. You still have to trek to the top of the hill for about 15 minutes, when you reach the top.

This is where you stand to feel the sensation of how to set foot on an island.

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